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make stock of

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1. With the analysis of the situation of present consideration, I point out my own opinion of the consideration of present share merger reform. First, it refers to the main content that consideration should be compensated. On this basis, I point out the payment of consideration must obey some principles: recognize consideration action, ensure the interests of shareholders in reform. I also make some concrete ideas that year-end rate of return rule tradable shareholders should be as the theoretical basis of consideration calculation, and set up a theoretical model. Year-end rate of return rule in it is, on the base of tracing invested cost, comparing the non-tradable shareholders and tradable shareholders`rate of return in the end of the year. At last, I point out my own ideas about how some companies with special problems pay for consideration. Especially, neither the loss of companies nor net asset of stock dropping is the pretext of reducing payment. I hope responsible departments publish policies to ensure the facility and reasonability in the payment of consideration in share merger reform.
优博2登录    在剖析了对价支付的现状后,笔者对当前股权分置改革优博2登录的对价支付提出了自己的看法:首先论述了对价应该包含的主要内容并在此基础上提出了对价支付必须遵循的几个基本原则,包括认定对价行为、保障流通股股东利益在改革后不受损失等;笔者还建议以年平均收益率法作为对价测算的理论依据并建立了理论模型,该法是在全面追溯历史投入优博2登录本的基础上比较非流通股股东与流通股股东的年平均收益率,以拉平两类股东的平均投入优博2登录本为对价原则并综合考虑创业资本溢价因素来测算对价;本文还对优博2登录国股市的整体对价水平进行了简单估算;最后,笔者对一些存在特殊问题的优博2登录优博2登录如何支付对价提出了自己的解决思路,特别指出优博2登录优博2登录亏损、股价跌破净资产等优博2登录不能优博2登录为减少支付对价的借口并建议主管部门出台相关配套政策保障股权分置改革优博2登录对价支付的优博2登录平性和合理性。

2. If you invest in the right stock, you could make bundles of money.
优博2登录    如果你投资了一只优博2登录股票,你可能会赚几倍的钱。

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3. De san fund analyst Jiang Cup Spring pointed out that many established earlier equity fund does not make a clear position on the stock and therefore this part of the Fund also减仓room.

4. Yesterday, shares in Lufthansa announced the waves do not wish to make more than 10 investors in a particular issue in 2000 to 3, 000 million shares of its common stock to raise capital, issue price of not less than 6.49 yuan/share, will raise funds Expansion for high-grade underwear.
优博2登录    昨天,德国汉莎航优博2登录优博2登录优博2登录股票的浪潮宣布,不希望作出在2000年具体问题10多个投资3000万美元的普通股筹集资金,不低于六点四九元发行价/股票,筹集资金将用于高档内衣扩展。

5. GF Securities, said the person, domestic institutions difficult to copy Buffett`s model, on the one hand, domestic institutional investors as a result of the number and size of the mature markets also difficult to achieve the level of individual investors in particular the size of the number of non-very large, far more than the sum of the power of institutional investors; On the other hand, Buffett bought the shares are continuing and substantial return, despite the short period after buying the stock itself does not make money However, cash dividends to the Buffett still handsome returns.
优博2登录    广发证券人士称,国内机构难以复制一方面巴菲特的模式,作为结果的数量和优博2登录熟的市场规模,国内机构投资者也难以实现个人投资者的水平特别是一些非的规模非优博2登录大,远远超过了机构投资者的力量之和,另一方面,巴菲特买了股票持续和丰厚的回报,尽管在购买股票本身短期内不不赚钱,但现金股息,巴菲特仍然丰厚的回报。

6. To make some suggestions about the development of our stock market according to the research result.

7. It can make a country into the economic abyss of the night: the collapse of the exchange, stock market, interest rates shot up and so on.
优博2登录    它可以使一个国优博2登录在一夜之间陷入经济的深渊:汇率暴跌、股市狂泻、利率猛优博2登录等等。

8. The three elements make up the basic stock of english vocabulary, and different practices of putting sounds into writing are reflected in each.
优博2登录    这三种优博2登录分构优博2登录了英语词汇的主体,而将声音融入书写的不同做法各个优博2登录分之优博2登录也优博2登录优博2登录所反映。

9. Cash flow casts decision-making important basis and news as company finance affairs, because use cash flow, be OK and evasive in what carry out authority duty to because appraisal of goods in stock and charge booth deserve to wait for method of accountant business accounting, produce what when making a principle, should encounter necessarily abhorrent and index dependency needs the different program gain that cause, the blemish with not tall diaphaneity, can accomplish information state according to the facts, mix sock but sex of test and verify, the revenue and expenditure of bias; cash that does not have a person to be can reflect the concern of the flow direction of company capital and circumfluence dynamicly when foreword, make the policymaker can mirror an evaluation thoroughly to forecast mobile validity in the round, make use a lot of element such as capital time value to undertake information of; cash flow eliminated to be not cash to receive the fund that pays in-house have enough to meet need to move forecasting becoming a possibility, simplified to forecast the analytic computation process of decision-making activity, rose to forecast decision-making efficiency.

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10. As a result of Asia-Europe stock market drop considerably impetus, make investor farther anxious banking crisis may pull global economy winter, drop plus defect of body of global stock market tide, american stock market is in last week once more be thwarted.

11. What kind of one make an inventory of stock on hand does network admiral run?

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12. The quicken of interest rate marketization, the implementation of difference deposited reserve rate system by Central Bank, and the classification supervision to the Urban Commercial Banks by supervision department, the comprehensive function of these external factors make Urban Commercial Banks, which have fallen into a very heavy awkward predicament.3, Countermeasures and suggestions of promoting Urban Commercial Bank healthy developmentUnder so severe situation, if you want to really solve the existence and development problems that the Urban Commercial Banks facing, helping them out of plight, promoting them healthy development, which not only need their own efforts, such as improving stock right structure, strengthening internal management mechanism building, perfecting the risk control system, insisting business products innovation, exploiting market constantly, developing jointly through the business cooperation and annex recombination, etc; but also need close cooperation of local government and supervision department, less intervention, more support, making great efforts to build a fair and suitable external environment for the Urban Commercial Banks by setting up deposit insurance institution, establishing the capital clear system between the Urban Commercial Banks, founding the Urban Commercial Banks stock right trade market, etc, to further remedy the deficiency in the business management of the Urban Commercial Banks from institution, turn back their inferior situation in market competition, and make the Urban Commercial B

13. Take gaining profit at Shanghai Future Goods Exchange Centre for example, investors gained profit from in-stock gold price at 22 Yuan/g on January 9th 2008 the first day of Shanghai 0806 contract future gold went on the market. Except financial dect 1.665 Yuan/g, 2% of open interest freeze consumption, different commissions 1.2 Yuan/g, investors could have opportunities of gaining profits only when material future goods price is less than the golden area illustrated in the above pictures on the first open day on the market. If investors could make sure future goods price expiration and the actual price shock is limited in a scale while the scale shock is limited in the golden area, the investment risks will greatly decrease. Syphonage theory deems that if investors could select a golden area whose shock scale is limited in the golden area and select a package whose profit aim shocks stay far from risk boundary. In most cases, to say that profit gaining exchange cannot get infinite profits as expected is not an exaggeration, due to different national gold exchange system. The result of profit gaining exchange is to limit the lever percentage of risk investors. In actual profit gaining process, investors should choose suitable type to operate.

14. On one hand, We can meet the need of our daily manufature, operation and investment, decease the probality of payment crisis, and promote the development of company with cash assets; It can make sure that devidend is paid enough and without any interruption, which can pass the active information about company to shareholders and increase the market price of stock.

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15. Must be integrated with the characteristics of Shanghai, one should make full use of Shanghai's housing stock.

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16. We have come in a large stock of electric cooker which is new product make in shanghai.

17. The settlement of the capital raised by the company in foreign currencies and the foreign exchange needed by a company to pay the stock dividends and make other payments to shareholders shall be handled according to the provisions concerning the foreign exchange control of the State.
优博2登录      优博2登录优博2登录所筹集的外币资本金的结汇和优博2登录优博2登录向股东支付股利以及其他款项所需的外币,按照国优博2登录优博2登录关外汇管理的规定办理。

18. Since the Rightists stirred up trouble, we have been able to do some stock-taking: on the one hand, 90 per cent of the population are in favour of socialism, and with some effort we can make it 98 per cent

19. This deification might make him the laughing stock of India...

20. Under terms of the deal, Schering-Plough will make an upfront payment of $60 million and buy $12 million of Noacea stock at $8.05 a share. That last part of Schering-Plough`s inestment paid off immediately – on paper at least.

make stock of 单语例句

make stock of什么意思

1. Some fans have confessed they stock up with food before each episode is aired, lest the seductive footage of the country's fine foods make优博2登录 them drool.

2. The master stock gets better and better with every duck it cooks, so make sure you keep it safe in a corner of优博2登录 the fridge.

3. Joint stock companies make up more than 50 percent of优博2登录 all businesses, and a market economic system has taken shape.

4. China's stock investors have long complained about the lack of accurate information available to them when they make their decisions.

5. They call for US stock exchanges to briefly halt trading of major stocks that make优博2登录 big swings.

6. Some stock analysts simply make it a point of优博2登录 never talking to the press.

7. It can be anything but money or shares of stock, which could make优博2登录 the fundraising illegal.

8. A stack of unused notebooks make up part of the archive since Bergman bought his supplier's entire stock to make sure he had enough.

9. We will make sure the money can only go into a conservative mix of bonds and stock funds.

10. A lot of students have become stock punters, in the belief they can make优博2登录 handsome profits through speculation.

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